Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do your goods cost more shipping into the EU?
A. Before Brexit EU customers were charged UK VAT, now the VAT is deducted when you check out. However when the parcel arrives in your country you will be asked to pay the relevant VAT. There may also be a small admin fee from customs but the goods are no nore expensive than before Brexit.

Q. Is Guest check out quicker?.
A. Not really because you still have to enter all of the information such as full name and email address so that we can process your order. If you create an account you will get updates and you will be able to look at previous orders. If you use the Guest login you will not get any updates and you will not be able to look at previous orders.

Q. I get an error code when I try and pay.
A. Make sure you have entered your full name, that you have entered a telephone number and that your postcode has no dash or comma's because these enteries have to be correct for the system to work.

Q.I have ordered from but the goods have not arrived, they blame you for out of stock
A. PVC-U-LIKE has nothing to do with Regenmantel24, they are a false company illegally using our copyright material and falsely selling on the web. We cannot be held responsible for any actions of regenmantel24. You have been warned.

Q. I cannot complete my account details?
A. You have to enter your telephone number to complete your profile this is for delivery purposes, most delivery companies need a contact telephone number

Q. Why do you not sell to customers in the USA?
A. We prefer to use a distributor in the US who is able to offer a better service and also understands local laws and regulations. visit them here

Q. When will my order be sent?
A. If you have ordered from our "off the shelf" range it will be sent within 48 hours, if it is "made to order" our standard time is 14-21 days however at busy times like Christmas this can extend out to 28 days.

Q. Can I return my item?
A. Items can be returned within 7 days, as long as they are in the same condition as when they were supplied. We do not accept clothing back that has obviously been worn, or smells of cigarette smoke, cooking smells etc. For more information, please see the returns page. If you are returning items to exchange, all postage costs must be covered by customer.

Q. What happens if my garment is faulty?
A. The goods can be returned to us, and if found to be faulty manufacturing, we will repair it without charge and return it to you free postage, or you can have a refund. If we find that the garment has been ripped or damaged due to stress or incorrect fitting, we will make a small charge for the repair and the goods will be returned to you.

Q. Is PVC safe worn next to the Skin?
A. The PVC we use is manufactured to very strict European legislation and is safe worn next to the skin. However if you wear it for long periods of time your skin will not be able to breathe and you may get a reaction.

Q. Sometimes the garment has white powder on it, what is this and how do I remove it?
A. The white powder is Cornflour. The powder helps us manufacturer the garment and stops it sticking. If you wish to remove it use a damp cloth to wipe it off.

Q. Can I discuss my fetish with someone in your office?
A. Our staff do understand your fetish but we are unable to discuss it with you. The phone line is to take orders therefore we keep conversations to a minimum.

Q. Are you anything to do with PVC Dreams?
A. We supply most of the clothing to PVC Dreams. However if you have a subscription question they have their own contact us page.

Q. Can I visit your premises and buy direct from you?
A. Strictly speaking we are not a shop we are a manufacturing factory. We do have ex-photoshoot items and seconds that we can sell but you would need to make an appointment to visit. Please do not turn up unannounced because we might not have staff available to help you.

Q. What is your policy regarding Breathplay?
A. We understand that breath play is dangerous and we do not encourage customers to participate in it. We would emphasize that breath play can be dangerous and we cannot be held responsible for the incorrect use of any of our products. However, we know that a large number of people do practice breath play within their relationship and enjoy the practice safely in the privacy of their own home. We always put warning labels on any garment that we believe could be dangerous if used incorrectly and we always state that any sexual games should always be practiced in the presence of another adult. Customers who buy our products are adults and are able to make their own decisions about what they do.

Q. Why did my payment not go through?
A. If you are situated outside the UK you may need to authorise your bank to allow payments to us. Also there are strict criteria laid down by the banks which sometimes interfere with your payment. You can call us and we can try and take your payment manually which sometimes works.

Q. Why have you stopped selling to me?
A. If you repeatedly send perfectly good garments back to us for refund we will stop selling to you. Other reasons maybe that you were abusive to our staff or you sent rude or threatening emails to us.

Q. I noticed that a garment made from a material last year is not the same as before on my last order?
A. When PVC is produced it is a unique batch every time, and if its a new supplier the PVC can look or feel slightly different. We cannot guarantee the PVC will always be exactly the same.

Q. The poppers on my pants have started to rust, is this normal?
A. You must always dry the poppers off after washing or being out, if you leave the poppers wet or in a damp environment they will rust.

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